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It is May 7th now and the writing period ends on June 3rd.

You have a little less than a month to finish your rough draft! If you've signed up and found that you cannot finish it on time, you can easily delete your sign-up comment here. If you haven't signed up yet and are sure you'll finish...sign-ups are still here and are still open.

Good luck writers! o7


There is now a Hardmode collection on AO3. Posting to this collection is 100% optional but for those of you who are already posting to the archive, it's there. :3
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We'll be keeping this informal since I doubt the majority of people are ready to commit right this second.

This is a completely optional post for writers to toss up their possible ideas for this round so potential media creators can hop in and help the process along. People can also cheer on ideas that they would love to read, even if they don't feel they'd be able to create anything for it at this time.

Writers, simply follow this format when posting so everything can look nice and neat:

Vague story idea:

Later on in the writing period there will be a post for media creator's to make 'early claims' if they commented to this post and the writer has officially signed up. That will be...much later on most likely and I'll try to include more details before then. We'll see how everything works out before we set any ideas in stone just yet.

Commence with the experiment mingling!
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Writer sign ups will be closing June 3rd! Conveniently, that is also the duration of the writing period. If you want to wait until you've finished your piece to officially sign-up, you may do long as you remember to comment by June 3rd.

Quick rundown on what is expected from writers:
  • You are committing to writing a 10,000 word fic. Not 100 individual drabbles, but one long 10k word fic. If you need to go over the minimum, that is fine too! But it must be complete and finished by the due date, whether the final word count is 10k or 100k. The rough draft should be finished by June 3rd; that is two months to write. Posting details will be put up before the posting period begins.

  • Your fic must be able to be understood on it's own. It's all right to write your fic as part of a series, but it must be able to be understood by those who haven't read anything previously.

  • The fandom has to be from a gaming fandom. If for whatever reason, you're unsure that your fandom 'counts', PM me with the fandom in question and we'll try to figure it out.

  • If you have any other questions, please ask in the FAQ and I'll try to answer them ASAP.

With that out of the way, fill this form out and comment to this post to sign up!:

Comments are screened and OpenID will be allowed. However, you will need a DW account when it comes time for posting. If you need an invite, include a request for it in the 'Anything else?' field and I'll send you a code.

Happy writing!

and no this was not copy-pasta'd from last year, why do you ask?
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Round Two of [community profile] hardmode will be starting next Friday, April 1st. The sign-ups will open then and writers will begin writing. The sign-ups will be open for the duration of the writing period (April 1st - June 3rd) so you won't need to commit until you're sure you'll be able to finish. The writing period should be far more relaxed for writers (and me!) this time.

If you haven't decided on what to write, you have a week to think it over! You may not be required to sign up until June 3rd at the latest, but it's still expected that you make use of the three month writing period.

Last round there were issues where some people waited until the last week to begin writing and that caused some issues later for betas and media creators. You will have a month of beta time, but your media creator will be working off your rough draft. However you schedule your writing time, make sure you leave yourself enough to time for pre-beta cleanup at the least so your media creator will have a something to work with. :3

If you have any questions, you may comment here or send me a PM.
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Here's a current possible schedule, adjusted to avoid overlap with some of the popular summer writing stuff. This is not yet set in stone. Let me know if this will or will not work for you. I'll try and adjust the schedule so the most people can participate.

April 1st - June 3rd: Writer sign-ups will be open. This should give you two whole months to work, plus a few days just in case.

June 3rd: Rough draft and summaries will be due by 11:59PM in whichever-timezone-the-sun-sets-on-last time. Effectively, the due date will probably be "Whenever [personal profile] vangirl wakes up the next day," but it'll be best if you assume that I'm an insomniac.

June 4th: Once all the rough drafts are in, a post of story summaries will be put up, with comments disabled. Those summaries will be up for about 24~ hours (unless 48 hours is better? thoughts?) so media creators will have the time to look at them and decide which one they want to do.

June 5th (or 6th?): Comments to summary post will be opened and media creators/beta readers will duel to the death comment with what they want. It'll be a bloody, gruesome battle first-come, first-serve type of thing.

July 3rd - 17th: Big Bangs should be betaed, artwork/FSTs/crocheted blankets should be completed and they all will be posted within this timeframe. The official due-date is on the 3rd, but if you need extra time for whatever reason then you have until the 17th.

July 18th: It's celebration time, come on!

Approval? Objections?

ALTERNATIVELY, [personal profile] solaris came up with awesome idea. At sign-ups, writers will post a summary of what they want to write for the challenge and potential media creators/betas/cheerleaders will contact the writer then and work together.

If people like this idea I can have a separate, optional post post where writers who wish to go that route can post their working ideas out in the open. Media creators who decide a writer to work with then will also be claiming the fic ahead of time. The summary posts will then work more like a pitch-hit post, where media creators will duel to the death try their luck at working on fics that didn't find a media creator in the sign-up process (or fics where the media creator suddenly abandoned them to go work on another fic that takes place in a Las Vegas drive-through chapel).

Yay or nay to this idea?
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Hey hey! Listen listen! Hey listen!

I've seen some people express interest in a possible Round Two of [community profile] hardmode so I'm curious; how many of you would be interested in doing this again this year, and when would be the best time for you? I want an idea of when everyone would be willing to run it with minimal overlap with other Big Bangs so be sure to mention other BBs you're interested in so I can get an idea of where the most overlap would be and how to avoid it.

Another question: How do you feel about possibly raising the word count? A 10,000 word minimum is at the low end of a typical BB wordcount and some people consider this to be more like an [community profile] easymode game. However, it's a good starting number for people new to BBs and we probably don't want to alienate too many noobs either. A 10,001 minimum may be a sufficient increase though. What are your thoughts?

AND ONE LAST QUESTION: I feel that the way [community profile] hardmode was run last year was a bit chaotic, stressful and ended up being especially NOT fun for media creators. I noticed that [community profile] polybigbang had writer sign-ups that were open up until the rough draft due date and then posting summaries for the artists to choose from. I'm very tempted to steal that idea from them as it would a) lower stress for writers as they only need to commit when they feel they have enough material to make a commitment, b) give artists this weird thing called 'choice', something that they likely aren't accustomed to in fandom challenges, and c) make life easier for me.

C is a really big one for me, though I think you guys may be especially interested in A and B.

How would you guys feel about doing Round Two a bit more like that? Or would you prefer something else entirely?

Also, I am a huge liar and have one more question: how many of you would be vehemently opposed to the idea of an AO3 collection? I know a lot of people don't like the site so it would be optional, but I think it might be a cool thing for those of you who enjoy AO3. Though I'm not sure it would really be worth the effort if only two people would use it. ^^;
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I was slow to making a post today, but it was probably for the best since I had listed the new deadline as September 31st...despite the fact that such a day did not exist. But we'll pretend that if it did, it would be tomorrow, as today is the 30th.

If you haven't posted by now, you'll have until 11:59pm tomorrow to either post. If you still haven't heard from your media creator, you can apply for a pitch hit. If you have a media creator and they've been slow, you have the option to go ahead and post now without the media included. If there's any issues, either already stated or something else entirely, go ahead and send me an e-mail at

As a reminder, pitch hits have until October 14th to be posted. (And I went ahead and checked to make sure THAT date existed this time. >->)

On a more, I've been a very slow reader lately so I haven't had a chance to give many fics a proper read, but I've seen some excellent work so far. I can't wait until I get time to sit down and read them all. :>

You've all done fantastically. Thank you for putting up with my fail modding through-out this endeavor. ♥
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Title: Northrend on Thirty Silvers a Day
~or~ Love and Loathing (Mostly Loathing) In A Zombie-Infested Frozen Wasteland
Author: [profile] jackofnone
Media Creator: [personal profile] subtext
Word Count: 20273
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Characters/Pairing(s): Asric/Jadaar, with cameo appearances by various NPCs and OCs.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None. Not even spoilers, really.
Summary: When Asric finds himself somewhat unexpected reunited with Jadaar, he's not sure if his life is about to get better or worse. Regardless, they need to get out of the middle of this frozen war zone and into somewhere civilized. The only thing standing between them and Dalaran are angry vrykul, inclement weather, scheming Forsaken, local wildlife, past mistakes, and each other. What could possibly go wrong?
Note: This turned out pretty Horde-centric, which I suppose reflects my gameplay biases. Apologies.

Part 1: Of All The Dungeons In Northrend, You Had To Walk Into Mine )

Part 2: Breaking Out Is Hard To Do )

Part 3: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Plague Cauldron )

Part 4: For Science! )

Part 5: Wrongs 2, Rights 0 )

Part 6: Bear With Me Here )

Part 7: (Very) Odd Jobs )

Part 8: City in the Sky )

Part 9: Gumshoe )

Part 10: All's Well That Ends In Ankle-Deep Sewage )
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Title: Surface Tension
Author: [personal profile] stealth_noodle
Media Creator: [personal profile] shinsengumi
Word Count: 14190
Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Characters/Pairing(s): Ruto/Zelda(Sheik)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Sheik's rescuing Ruto from the ice becomes the incredibly true adventure of a fish and a cross-dressing ninja in love.

Media: Contact Angles: FST with cover art and liner notes

Surface Tension )

Coda )
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Title: The Things You Do For Ex-Boyfriends
Or, Axel Steals A Keyblade
Author: [personal profile] tyger
Beta: [personal profile] azremodehar
Media Creator: [personal profile] darthneko
Word Count: 13 517
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts (all)
Characters/Pairing(s): Axel/Roxas, past Lea/Ven, ensemble
Rating: PG-13 (language, off-screen violence and sex)
Warnings: BBS SPOILERS EVERYWHERE, up to and including Blank Points, and about halfway through 358/2 Days.
Summary: [Gradual AU] Axel was pretty sure he knew what he was doing, when he stole that keyblade. He's not entirely wrong, but he wasn't expecting the thing to be alive, either. Wasn't expecting the paranoia that rushes through the upper echelons of the Organisation. Wasn't expecting it to take so long, to get rid of the fucking blade. Wasn't expecting a lot of things.

        He can see it wandering about and killing things, if it wasn't a solid piece of metal. )
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Title: "Demos Oneiroi"
Author: [personal profile] imadra_blue
Beta: The lovely and generous [personal profile] lassarina, who I must gush at a bit for beta reading this while writing her own awesome story.
Media Creator: [personal profile] emory
Word Count: 18,431
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters/Pairing(s): Cid/Hope, Lightning/Sazh
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: End-game spoilers, mild violence and sexual situations
Summary: Four years after the end of Final Fantasy XIII, Hope, Lightning, and Sazh respond to a distress signal from a mysterious tower in east Gran Pulse. They discover a man they thought dead and comfortable lodging filled with lower hierarchy fal'Cie waiting to do their bidding. While Hope grows closer to their host, strange dreams plague him and the others--dreams that cannot be coincidence. After plunging into the depths of the tower to discover the source of these dreams, they find a fal'Cie unlike any other they met before.
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy XIII and all its characters are property of Square Enix Co., Ltd. No copyright infringement is intended.

Dark Wings: Soundtrack by Emory )

Demos Oneiroi: Chapter One by Imadra Blue )

Demos Oneiroi: Chapter Two )

Demos Oneiroi: Chapter Three )

Demos Oneiroi: Chapter Four )

Demos Oneiroi: Chapter Five )
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Title: "Once Young And Blessed With Wings"
Author: Lassarina
Beta: (if not the author themselves) [personal profile] imadra_blue and [personal profile] samuraiter
Media Creator: [profile] ryousen
Word Count: 16,442
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Characters/Pairing(s): Balthier/Ashe
Rating: R
Warnings: Highlight to read: Suicidal themes, character death, glossed inexplicit sexual content.
Summary: Ashe has been on the throne of Dalmasca twenty years now, and over the years she and the sky pirate have maintained their personal relationship despite the pressures of her crown. However, when Balthier comes to her with a shocking request, Ashe must choose between two equally unpalatable options.
Notes: With undying thanks to [personal profile] celeloriel, [personal profile] mithrigil, [personal profile] puella_nerdii, and [personal profile] seventhe for putting up with being spammed with snippets and yammering about the plot, and Cel and Sev especially for FIXING the plot.

Once Young And Blessed With Wings )
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Title: Satisfaction of a Job Well-Done
Author: LastMinuteWitness
Beta: None, due to utter havoc (moving) and technology fail (imploded hard drive)
Media Creator: Unknown
Word Count: ~10,000+
Fandom: FFVII
Characters/Pairing(s): Light Sephiroth/Cloud
Rating: PG-13 for language (maybe)
Warnings: None
Summary: Disciplinary duty takes a turn for the surreal when General Sephiroth uses Cadet Strife for his personal errand boy. However, when Cloud starts to notice something wrong with the General, he takes it upon himself to do more than just scrub the ceilings.
Team repair crews claimed to build camaraderie between cadets, but in reality all they did was give Cloud a spectacular chance to piss off Hai Nylin, the biggest guy in his squad. )


Sep. 19th, 2010 02:35 pm
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A few people have contacted me with different issues affecting whether or not they think that they'll be able to post by the deadline, so I'm going to go ahead and give one last extension.

You have until September 31st to post. Pitch-hits will have until October 14th as well. If this is not enough, contact me privately either through PM or and I will work with you personally.

Good luck to everyone!
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Title: Fool's Gold
Author: [personal profile] ukefied
Beta: daria_ac
Media Creator: [personal profile] simargl
Word Count: 14,696
Fandom: SMT Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon
Characters/Pairing(s): Ensemble gen
Rating: R for violence and making Jack Frost sad : (
Warnings: Complete disregard for people's heads
Summary: Rumpelstiltskin may be his name, but what the hell is his game?

You always jump right to the rocky bananas! )
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We will need a pitch hit media creator for Final Fantasy XIII (that is XIII for 13, if you are prone to misreading roman numerals). If you think you can work with this fandom, please e-mail seizeglory[at]gmail[dot]com.

Right now as things stand, the deadline for pitch hits will be October 7th. I am willing to extent the deadline on a case-by-case basis however, since I know that suddenly taking on a 10k+ fic to read and then create something for it is not easy to do, but I would ideally like everyone's Big Bang's to be finished and posted by the end of September.

As a general warning however, I've been very busy lately so it may take time for me to answer e-mails in a timely fashion. Please be patient with me if you can, and I'll try to get to you as soon as I'm able. :)

edit: And claimed! Thank you! :D
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Title: A Thousand Miles
Author: Cephy
Media Creator: [personal profile] cypher
Word Count: 10,800
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss
Characters: Asch the Bloody, Luke fon Fabre
Pairings: Asch/? mentioned, Asch+Natalia implied, Luke/Guy suggested
Rating: Teen
Warnings: End-game spoilers
Summary: Spoiler cut! )

Now with an awesome accompanying mix by [personal profile] cypher: A Single Step!

Luke woke with the nagging sensation that something wasn't right. )


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