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Name:Gaming Fandom Big Bang
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[community profile] hardmode is a Big Bang for gaming fandoms, specifically video game fandoms! Despite being the most hardcore of the hardcode, the minimum word count for the the first round will be one fic of 10,000 words over a timeframe of 3 months. We need to warm up properly before we get too ambitious, you see!

Current Round Schedule:

April 1st - June 3rd: Writer sign-ups open. Writing period begins.
June 3rd: Rough draft and summaries due.
June 4th - June 6th: Summaries posted for media creators to look over. Claiming opens on June 6th and will occur on a first-come, first-serve basis.
July 3rd - July 31st: Posting period.
August 1st: PARTY TIEM!!!
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