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Title: Discarded Hope
Author: Kyuohki
Beta: Partial by inarikins, the rest is proofread
Media Creator: llyse
Media Link: Embeded in fic, but also availible here.
Word Count: 34,085
Fandom: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Characters/Pairing(s): OMC/OMC (Kemal/Olgan)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Violence, attempted rape, and graphic sex
Summary: Clan Ragnarok has been betrayed by one of their own and led into a trap set by a rival Clan. Marche is kidnapped, and the only one who seems to know anything about the Clan that took him is Ragnarok's white mage Olgan. However, Olgan leaves, feeling betrayed by Ragnarok, and intends on getting Marche back himself. Ragnarok finds itself splitting into to groups, one to find the spy in their ranks, and one to bring back Olgan and find the Clan that took Marche.

~:~:~ Discarded Hope ~:~:~ )
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Title: Second Star On The Right
Author: Cephy
Media Creator: [personal profile] llyse
Word Count: 11,450
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts, The Last Remnant
Pairings: Riku/Sora/Kairi and David/Rush very strongly implied
Rating: Teen
Warnings: End-game spoilers for TLR
Summary: A Keyblade Master's work is never done! Sora and his friends have arrived on a new world with the intent of saving it from an insidious darkness threatening its heart. But first, they must win the trust of the local lord and his people, and find the clues to send them down the right path.

Disembarking for the first time on a new world was always a bit jarring. )


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