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And now for the other, other moment the rest of you have been waiting for: Beta and Cheerleader sign ups!

Sign-ups will close at June 20th, though the sign-up period may be extended if there's a need for more betas. We're not sure if all writers even want betas, so there will be no commitment involved in your sign up, this is merely a show of interest.

A quick rundown so you know what you're signing up for:
  • A Beta is someone that reads the story and checks it for grammar, spelling and general quality of writing. Depending on the author's wishes, this may extend to checking for plot holes or details that don't fit with the canon. (Example: Writer takes a character from 1850s England and has hir drive a Prius -- unless it was intentional and the entire point of the story is time-traveling Priuses.)

  • A Cheerleader simply reads the story and then tells the writer how awesome it is and how excited sie is to see more. Your job is to keep the writer motivated and inspired to keep writing! (And if that fails, pressure. Lots and lots of pressure.)

  • You can do both at the same time, though it may depend on the writer's wishes.

Those bits out of the way, you can look through our current list of fandoms to sign up for!:
Fandom List; last updated 5/4/10 )

Your ready? Fill this form out and comment to this post to sign up!:

Comments are screened and OpenID is allowed! If you want a DreamWidth code, leave a note and I'll try to arrange one for you!

Happy betaing and cheering!


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