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Title: Valor's Heart
Author: [personal profile] cypher
Beta: [personal profile] vikarmic, who gave my vague idea some actual shape, and [personal profile] lassarina, who kept my self-doubt from eating me whole. ♥ you both.
Media Creator: the fabulous [personal profile] subtext!
Media Link: embedded in story and also at this direct link
Word Count: ~13,500
Fandom: Last Remnant
Characters/Pairing(s): Mostly David/Rush, other side pairings, ensemble cast
Rating: explicit
Warnings: none
Summary: AU: When his sister is kidnapped, Rush comes to the city trying to find her, and meets David Nassau, the handsome young Marquis of Athlum owner of one of the fanciest pleasure houses in the city. It turns out Dave's assistance is exactly what he needs.

Valor's Heart )
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Title: Second Star On The Right
Author: Cephy
Media Creator: [personal profile] llyse
Word Count: 11,450
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts, The Last Remnant
Pairings: Riku/Sora/Kairi and David/Rush very strongly implied
Rating: Teen
Warnings: End-game spoilers for TLR
Summary: A Keyblade Master's work is never done! Sora and his friends have arrived on a new world with the intent of saving it from an insidious darkness threatening its heart. But first, they must win the trust of the local lord and his people, and find the clues to send them down the right path.

Disembarking for the first time on a new world was always a bit jarring. )


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