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Title: Melody For Monsters
Author: [personal profile] jack_of_none
Media Creator: [personal profile] suzume
Word Count: 14962
Fandom: Final Fantasy 4
Characters/Pairing(s): Edward, Rydia, Cecil, Rosa, Golbez, Kain, the Dark Elf, Leviathan, Ifrit, the Mist Dragon, various others.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some violence
Summary: AU. Leviathan takes Edward to the Feymarch along with Rydia. Alone in a strange world, Edward tries to come to grips with himself and maybe -- just maybe -- prove his presence there is more than just a terrible mistake.
Author's Note: Sorry this is a couple of hours late D: A million thanks to Suzume, who really went above and beyond!

Melody for Monsters )
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Title: Northrend on Thirty Silvers a Day
~or~ Love and Loathing (Mostly Loathing) In A Zombie-Infested Frozen Wasteland
Author: [profile] jackofnone
Media Creator: [personal profile] subtext
Word Count: 20273
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Characters/Pairing(s): Asric/Jadaar, with cameo appearances by various NPCs and OCs.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None. Not even spoilers, really.
Summary: When Asric finds himself somewhat unexpected reunited with Jadaar, he's not sure if his life is about to get better or worse. Regardless, they need to get out of the middle of this frozen war zone and into somewhere civilized. The only thing standing between them and Dalaran are angry vrykul, inclement weather, scheming Forsaken, local wildlife, past mistakes, and each other. What could possibly go wrong?
Note: This turned out pretty Horde-centric, which I suppose reflects my gameplay biases. Apologies.

Part 1: Of All The Dungeons In Northrend, You Had To Walk Into Mine )

Part 2: Breaking Out Is Hard To Do )

Part 3: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Plague Cauldron )

Part 4: For Science! )

Part 5: Wrongs 2, Rights 0 )

Part 6: Bear With Me Here )

Part 7: (Very) Odd Jobs )

Part 8: City in the Sky )

Part 9: Gumshoe )

Part 10: All's Well That Ends In Ankle-Deep Sewage )


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