Oct. 23rd, 2017 02:39 am
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I have two things left to do. JUST TWO.

Details )

And then of course go through it all and make sure I can tick all the tickyboxes and everything's saved correctly and write up the readme - don't ask me why we have to write a readme for a freaking fake shop, but we do - and submit it.

So I'm not feeling too worried about getting that done before 9pm tomorrow, honestly. ASSUMING I GET UP SOMETIME REASONABLE, of course, but that's always a major weakness of mine. >>;;;;;;

In that vein: bed now, sleep is good for you.
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Title: Layabouts
Fandom: Daria
Pairing: Daria/Jane
Rating: PG? not even?
Word Count: 468
Warnings/Contains: AU - Medieval?, Flirting, Fluff, Femslash
Summary: Fantasy/Medieval AU - Where Daria and Jane are guards helping guard a town from, well, not much.
A/N: Written for bookcat for [community profile] femslashex as a treat. I did this just for fun. I wish it was longer and had more worldbuilding, but ultimately, the characters just wanted to talk. So I let them talk. ^^;

I'm bored. )


Oct. 22nd, 2017 01:36 am
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Man, getting a whole night's sleep was super awesome. I woke up about 12:30, didn't get out of bed until after 3, it was amazing.

I am so much less stressed, even long after the anti-anxiety wore off. SLEEP IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT.

I'm still tired and have been pmuch all day, so I'm guessing I still have a sleep debt I'll need to pay off. But that'll hopefully be less of a problem!

Assignment's going pretty well, too! :D I've got two more buttons to code and then the user-side is 100% functional to-specs - stupid user unfriendly and also pretty stupid, but to-specs, which is what I'm marked on soooo - so I've just gotta to do the post-login management pages - manager login is done! - and the logout button, which is for both user and manager logout. Also I imported my CSS file from last semester's big project and am mostly just reusing it - a few tweaks, but yeah - so it's not ugly as fuck any more. I mean. Still ugly, but at least it's not HTML 1 level boring!

And now, sleeeeeep. <3<3sleep<3<3

sleep good, stubborn bad xD

Oct. 21st, 2017 03:05 am
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SO, progress update on Inktober, cuz I should try to do at least one a week.

... I did 6 pokemon drawings so far. Am mid-sketch of a 7th and did a sketch of someone (I was thinking of a Homestuck kid) dabbing... I don't know why, I was inspired in the moment. xD

At this point, I know I'm too lazy to get the whole 31 drawings done, at least not by halloween. We'll see, of course. xD

Writing-wise, um, nothing much? I still have two fics I haven't started to write. And I read over an incomplete Homestuck fic from 2013 and made some edits on it. Then I searched for the snippet of the third chapter I was talking about in an earlier post. I added like one sentence to it and realized I wasn't 1000% confident I could still get their voices right?? So I'm holding off on too much Homestuck stuff until I refresh myself with a new read through...

Or, you know, watch the read throughs on youtube because do you know how long Homestuck is??? It's not even completely read through on YT so I'd still have to read like all of Act 6. @.@ (But then, maybe I will actually just read it all? I dunno yet.)

And this reminds me I fell behind a chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court. Anyone else still reading it? =D

I want to make a playlist to go with NaNo story, cuz I saw there's a badge for doing it and I like badges, and playlists! So once I hammer out my story more, I'll be doing that. =3

Now for some sleep! x.x

mostly just idle drawing

Oct. 20th, 2017 01:26 pm
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Cutting (overly shaded ^^;) peaches. Drawn back in September in a waiting room while we were still enjoying the ‘these peaches are so great!’ time of year.

And then other mostly small and/or b/w drawings. )


Oct. 21st, 2017 12:30 am
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Today I didn't work on my assignment AT ALL it was glorious.

I couldn't sleep, and then stress dreams when I finally did, and basically I woke up with about one fuck left to give and I used it to go to class. Which was a super great decision, if you ask me.

But yeah, mentally exhausted, and since I can afford the time given the extension I decided to take the evening off and just chill a bit. Just took an anti-anxiety, too, so should sleep well and long. :3 And then tomorrow I will be able to actually brain! And Get Shit Done!! Yes. >3 Is a great plan, if you ask me.

Also: how is it that classes are almost done for the semester? I just. Why. WHY. :(

Fic Roundup

Oct. 20th, 2017 08:48 pm
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I'm behind about a year rounding up all my fic. Looking back, I guess my fandom interests have been all of over the place. Also, lol, I wrote fic for the kinda embarrassing swimming!anime that no one cares about anymore.  Granted, I haven't posted much since I moved to Japan, but here we are:

In Need (FFVII, Reeve & Rufus, Turks, Bonus!Yuffie, T)
Reeve, Rufus, and the specter of the city behind them.
AO3 | DW

against the years (Naruto, Shino/Naruto, M)
Years pass, and Naruto can only love Shino more.
AO3 | DW

we all get there eventually (Free!, Sousuke & Haru, G)
Sousuke is rescued when he gets lost on the way to Makoto's birthday party. Tokyo isn't as scary in pairs.
AO3 | DW

Labor of Love (Free!, Makoto, Haru, Rin, Sousuke, G)
Five people who tried to teach Makoto to cook. (Or: Makoto has always been better at taking care of other people than himself.)
AO3 | DW

without subject (Free!, Sousuke, G)
In junior high, Sousuke has to make a self-portrait during art class. He hates it about as much as you'd expect.
AO3 | DW

a touch of memory (FFXV, Monica & Prompto, T)
When the Prince feels Monica up, it’s really just the start of her problems.
Or: Monica switches bodies with that Argentum kid the Prince likes so much and takes the opportunity to gather plenty of intel.
AO3 | DW

The City (FFXV, ensemble, M)
The City across ten years of Scourge. The taint doesn't come from without, but from within.
AO3 | DW

Due (FFXV, Noctis, G)
The Astrals and the Crystal find Noctis worthy. It begs the question.
AO3 | DW

Ghost, (FFXV, Cor/Iris, M *no underage*)
M. E. 762. Cor and Iris's first time isn't exactly what dreams are made of.
AO3 | DW


Oct. 19th, 2017 10:45 am
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Operation 'Find-the-only-known-snippet-of-the-3rd-chapter-of-an-ongoing-fic-that-has-been-abandoned-for-4-years-and-exists-only-in-a-comment-of-a-nearly-daily-posting-dw-comm-but-I-don't-remember-when-EXACTLY-I submitted-it' is a-go!



Miraculously, I remembered what month I posted it and then used the fic to figure out what year. T^T I'm so happy.

I lost this snippet when my old laptop first suffered from a harddrive crash, back in 2013. I'm so glad I had posted this snippet somewhere online where I could later come back to find it. T^T


Oct. 20th, 2017 12:49 am
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So an AMAZING THING HAPPENED after I made my post last night but before I went to bed.


Rambly rant )

So, teal deer is I have a gigantor chunk of shit still to do BUT it's actually starting to take some sort of shape. I have two pages that work 100% As Intended! They're ugly as shit - there is literally no styling - but I'm only going to worry about that if I have TIME. Which I probably won't, given the whole, breathing on it wrong breaks ajax thing even when you didn't. even. edit. the thing it fucking breaks. (Or you did but it didn't actually BREAK until like twenty minutes later and by that time you've forgotten all the tiny changes you've made and - *twitchy fingers* I want to strangle the entire ajax protocol. Just. All of it. *hisses*)

I really miss having git with this assignment. Since it's running on the uni's server, I have no idea how to set a git repo up, and I'm pretty sure it'll not... really... be worth the time it takes to set up at this point of semester.

But holy crap version control and diff functions would be SO HANDY when messing with ajax bullshit. SO HANDY.


Oct. 19th, 2017 12:21 am
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I am so fucking tired.

I didn't get super insomniac last night, but it was A Warm (t-shirt pjs!!!! so great, but not used to the difference in blankets yet, haha) so there was some futzing. Also, have to be up early = uuuuuugh.

Also I worked really hard when I was at uni! When I got home I pmuch came in, had a snack, and then passed the fuck out on the floor for a couple of hours. Not sure I ever fully woke back up, I was out pretty hard.

I haven't actually... done all that much since then. I mean, I tried to get back to my assignment, but I ended up futzing with Atom settings and just completely losing any sort of focus. Which is annoying, but also I think my brain needs it, so what can you do? :/

Anyway, bed now. Class in the morning, then hopefully all tomorrow afternoon/evening working on the assignment. It's going kinda okay! Have started working on the AJAX and of course getting twenty fucking bajillion errors, but it's slowly, SLOWLY getting there. At least the PHP is mostly done.

(no subject)

Oct. 18th, 2017 01:49 am
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I had a really fun final game of the night session of Town of Salem (omg, being vet is literally the best role ever) and now I'm going to bed cuz TIRED. xD

Just wanted to say my NaNo story idea/brainstorming thingabob is still open to ideas. So far, I'm looking at a potential NaNo Original fic with femslash, involving skypirates, mystery, and a possible revenge questline. =D More ideas are welcomed! (Setting? Genres? Cryptids or not? xD )

Also - [community profile] holly_poly is open for signups! It's a multimedia exchange for OT3s and moresomes! =D I already signed up and sign ups look a little slow, so come on! (Maybe they're not slow, I just may be really excited about them.)

[community profile] femslashex, btw, has their collection open for extra fics/treats and author reveals haven't happened yet so maybe write a drabble for someone? I wrote one! =D I'm hoping to write more, even after reveals. =B --- I really wanted to participate in the exchange, but I wasn't confident in my writing at the time of signups so I bowed out. Now, however, I wanna WRITE SO MUCH YAY! xD

And I believe [community profile] smallfandombang is still open for signups! I still haven't decided exactly on what I want to write, but I'll think of something.

Ok, sleeeep nowwwww. =3=

Progress in PHP

Oct. 18th, 2017 12:20 am
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So I didn't go to class this afternoon. Deliberately! Just, you know, who can be bothered going to class when class is boring and you have an assignment due in this subject on Friday. Also, you know, travel time eats a good chunk of your awake-time.

But! I managed to make some pretty good progress! I've only got one major PHP page to code, and it's mostly not going to be PHP, it's going to be XSLT. So, you know. Kinda tough BUT hopefully sommat I can do without screaming. Hopefully.

Coding rambles )

And now to bed!! Hopefully I will get to sleep easily tonight, and actually wake up feeling rested tomorrow. (Last night was annoyingly difficult. I blame you, crazybrains, I blame you. :|)

What are OOP even??

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:13 pm
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Okay so I'm taking a break from the fucking ajax assignment - it's going better today, if by better you mean I said fuckit about the ajax and am doing all the PHP scripting. I'll worry about moving data back and forth once I'm sure that the data processing is actually working! Then at least I'll have a better idea where the fuck the bugs are.

Anyway, I'm taking a break and doing another homework, which is, basically, to explain what OOP is. One of the options we're given is to make a blag post, so you guys get to read it if you want!! (Yes, I am literally going to copy-paste this and submit it. Yes, this is why AT keeps telling me off for swearing/etc. Do I care: not for this, it's a blag post, I actually asked in advance and got permission to swear. :P I'm supposed to keep it short, though, so guess what!! DOTPOINTS!!!

Okay so short for me still needs a cut, duh. )

ANYWAY that was a gigantor ramble about OOP and wtf it actually is. Um, if you read it, good job, plz to be letting me know if it makes any sense and/or you have questions!

I was gonna go back to wrangling PHP after this, but somehow it's taken me an hour and a half so I think I'mma take a no-uni-work break because holy crap. (Also consider this the daily update post, I am lazy.)
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So, I started in on my assignment due this week. I'd previously skimmed over it, so I wasn't feeling that bad about it...

And then I read it closely, and no, it's not asking you to us xml files as a go-between you and the database.

It's asking you to use xml files INSTEAD of a database.


What. The fuck.

Yes, this is a 100% fake website made only for testing purposes. And yes, testing our ability to manipulate xml is a large part of the assessment.

But still. WHAT THE FUCK. I don't even have words, just. What a terrible idea to put into impressionable student minds!!!

*throws up hands* Fucking shit, I'm just gonna stop bashing my head against the wall of ajax and go. to. bed. :|

So I accidentally a research paper...

Oct. 15th, 2017 01:39 am
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Yeah, today I was going to do a bunch of homework and start to get ahead with all my shit!!!

And. Well. I mean, I did do a lot of work...

It's just that instead of the comparison of visual merge tools being a small section that I can chuck up either for credit or as part of a HD report, it... kind of. Um.

Let's just say that after formatting and images and stuff it's 15 pages long and got from starting to poke the idea to complete in less than seven hours.

I do not even know, okay???

It's like 1600 words, too, which is a lot when you're writing most of it in dotpoints, rather than essay format. BRAINS, MAN. I'm not complaining, even if it's not a full HD task in and of itself (and I honestly don't know, have emailed AT) it's definitely a solid part of one, which is pretty great! Just. Where the fuck did that even come from, brain, and why can't you do this on command??

So. Yeah. That was my day! I'mma go sneep nao, yes. Hopefully tomorrow will be more homeworks, yes. >:


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