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We're six days away from the rough draft due date so (hopefully) many of you have either finished or are close to finishing. When you have finished your rough draft (and remembered to comment on the sign-up post) e-mail me at seizeglory[at]gmail[dot]com with these things:

Subject Line: Hardmode Round 2 - [your username]'s Rough Draft

Body: Include a brief summary of your work. You do not need to spoil your fic, but you do need to include enough detail that media creators know what your fic is about. If there's any potentially triggering material (rape/non-con or self-harm/suicide) include a content note. If you're not sure if you need a note or not, ask me and we'll figure it out.

Attachment: A rough draft of your work as a .doc, .rtf or a shared google docs file. If none of those options work for you for whatever reason, you may send me a .txt or comment/PM me for other options.

If you need to drop out, you may do so by either deleting your initial sign-up comment or sending me a PM to give me a heads up. If you have any other questions/issues, you are always free to contact me and I'll do my best to help.

For those of you closing in on the finish line, GOOD LUCK! *\o/*
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I have received 12 summaries and have replied to all of them.

If you sent a summary to me but have not received my reply, please send it again to seizeglory[at]gmail[dot]com. You may leave a comment here or PM me, to make sure that it reached my inbox and was not sucked into the nether.

If you're waiting until the last moment to decide if you can make it to the finish line or not, that is fine. However, I need the summaries by tomorrow. I will wait until it is the 27th in all timezones before making the cut-off, but please don't try to push it.

If you wish to drop out, let me know as well! It will make my job much easier to know who to remove from the list now instead of having to go through it later.

Thank you!
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Your mod is an idiot. But you likely know that if you've been paying attention.

For the schedules I had written:
June 21st - 28th: Writers will post summaries for artists/mixers/dancers to choose from

...and then stupidly went about thinking I had set those dates in July for some reason. Which has resulted in understandable confusion. This is all my bad, so for those of you who stressed out over having to do anything, DON'T PANIC.

REGARDLESS, this has probably worked out for the better as when making the schedule, I somehow thought that the middle of the writing period was the best time to make author's to write out summaries. Considering that there's still people that are dropping out, then committing people to create for unfinished projects would not have worked out too well.

The new game plan is this: Writers will have until July 26th to either send me a e-mail at seizeglory[at]gmail[dot]com with a detailed summary and one 500+ word sample of your fic, or to drop out completely. This will let me see who will be done by the rough draft due date and also give me a week to contact betas/media creators and do last minute recruiting for the more obscure fandoms. Hopefully by August 1st, every writer that met the finish line will have a finished rough draft, and betas and media creators.

You can send me an e-mail before then (and I will love you very, very much if you send me early e-mails!) but you have nine days to get that e-mail to me. If I receive no e-mail from you by July 26th then I will consider you dropped out.

If you have not even begun writing yet, then you should either start now or consider dropping out. There will be a whole month to beta and fix problems, but the person creating something for your fic will be working off you're unbetaed rough draft. Make sure you have something that will be at least readable to them, instead of just rushing through the writing on the last day and handing in something full of inconsistencies, typos and other issues that will throw them out of the story and make them less inclined to give their all on their end of the project.

Remember, there's no shame in dropping out! Sometimes shit happens, whether life steps in and steals your writing time, or you've just had to deal with obnoxious writer's block. It happens and you can always try again next round if you can't finish it this time! If you think it'll be too stressful for you to try and finish it by the deadline, then that option is available to you. I would rather see people drop out and come back next round instead of people pulling their hair out trying to hammer out 10k+ words within the next week.

Unless you work better that way. In which case, may the deity of your choice have mercy on your wrists.
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This should have been posted tomorrow but I uh, forgot that 15 (not 16; 15) follows 14, apparently. >>;

Regardless: WRITERS, how are you doing? We're at the halfway point and you still have about six more weeks of writing ahead of you. Do you think you're going to make the finishline and have a complete draft by July 31st? If not, you can either make a note that you're dropping out here in this post, or send a PM to [personal profile] vangirl.

Something I've failed to do is ask: do you need betas or cheerleaders? Many people already found some on their own and there...are not enough betas/cheerleaders to have one for every writer. So please let me know if you will need one or if you've managed to find one on your own.

I've also had a lot of questions in regards to whether or not it's okay that your idea changed somewhere along the line, which is probably a typical issue people face when they set out to write a longer fic over the course of three months. To clear things up: it is okay if your idea changes along the way, so long as it's still for the same fandom you signed up to write. I'm not sure how easy it'll be to find artists and betas again if the fandom list got a complete makeover so I'm asking that you keep to the fandom you signed up for this round. If this turns out to be an issue, then things may be changed next round -- but we'll wait and see.

If there are any other issues, you can PM [personal profile] vangirl. I won't be able to reply to things very quickly this next few days but I'll try to get to you as soon as possible!

Good luck and happy writing!


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