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[MOD POST] Extension Unlocked

Many people are foreseeing problems with the posting date currently set at July 3rd - July 17th, so I came up with an easy solution.

I changed a number in the schedule so the posting period is now July 3rd - July 31st. Hopefully this'll add enough time that no-one needs to worry about rushing to finish by the 17th and no-one who is already set and ready to go needs to wait any longer than they expected.

There are also still uncovered fics and I personally know I won't be able to cover all of them myself. If needed, further extensions will be given to anyone who is willing to pick these up.

And lastly, if there are any problems, please contact me through PM or e-mail (seizeglory at gmail dot com). I'm preparing for a very busy July and have been pretty scatterbrained so if you are expecting contact from me for any reason, please contact me again. Chances are it just got overshadowed by Important Meatspace Issues. ^^;
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[personal profile] shanaqui 2011-06-28 10:15 am (UTC)(link)
Oh dear, my story is ill-fated, isn't it? The reason it didn't get posted in round one was no art. I'll post it this time either way, but...
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Thank you. ♥ I wasn't complaining, just sort of amused!