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Round 2 - Big Bang Summaries

Here are the summaries of completed fics. Commenting will be closed for 24 hours, so media creators think over what you want to work with! When commenting opens, please claim the number(s) of the fic you want to work with.

Writers, if you do not see your summary up here then please PM me immediately. It's quite possible that either I did not receive your e-mail or I made a mistake.

1. Assassin's Creed II: Through a twist of fate, the trial of the Auditores did not end with them hanging. Instead, saved at the last second, Giovanni looks at his life and starts to make changes to secure the future of his children. One of these is the repairing of the hidden blade, which leads him to the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. Realizing the man's potential, he deals with a few situations at once, and works out an apprenticeship with the artist for one of his sons.

2. Baldur's Gate: Who cares about the Bhaalspawn and their angsty whining about being the child of a dead god and their half-brother murdering their stepfather and their self-inflictedly unnecessarily complicated love lives and all that garbage? Branwen, born of Seawolf isle in the north, has more interesting fish to fry. She is the daughter and the sister of warriors, but her people forbid women to fight. This can become a problem if you're convinced that the god of warfare is sending you dreams to invite you to become his priestess. Branwen sets out to find her fate and to meet the tests of faith in her path. She's a priest, a warrior, and in essence a Viking, and in the end she'll find herself taking up her warhammer for the sake of a wouldbe war with Amn and a Zhentish plot to unravel. claimed!

3. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Clan Ragnarok has been betrayed by one of their own and led into a trap set by a rival Clan. Marche is kidnapped, and the only one who seems to know anything about the Clan that took him is Ragnarok's white mage Olgan. However, Olgan leaves, feeling betrayed by Ragnarok, and intends on getting Marche back himself. Ragnarok finds itself splitting into to groups, one to find the spy in their ranks, and one to bring back Olgan and find the Clan that took Marche. [Attempted rape.] claimed!

4. Final Fantasy IV: Leviathan crashes the party's ship en route to Baron in order to seize Rydia, the last summoner on earth, and take her to the Feymarch for training. Edward is dragged along to the land of monsters, and though his life is saved by Rydia's timely intervention, he finds himself alone in a strange world. As Rydia trains to be a true summoner, Edward struggles to connect with a world that sees him as an interloper, and slowly comes to learn that the Feymarch has a music all its own. Meanwhile, on the surface, things go very poorly for Cecil and his friends without the help of Edward's music -- they fail to retake the Crystal from the Dark Elf, forcing Golbez to alter his plans. He cuts a deal with the Dark Elf that may have far-reaching consequences. Now that Golbez has taken all four of the Crystals, Rydia and Edward are forced to return prematurely, with a perhaps unsolvable mess waiting on the other side. claimed!

5. Final Fantasy VII: Two years ago, Tseng of the Turks heard the waitress at the Turks' favorite slum bar drop a tray of glass and swear in Wutaian, and half an hour later she was looking him in the eye and telling him she grew up in Nibelheim. Since that moment, he's been trying to manipulate the world to put her and Rufus in the same room, because he knows she has answers to questions Rufus has been asking since the minute he heard of Nibelheim's destruction. Perhaps unfortunately for him, it's about to work, and the world will never be the same again. claimed!

6. Final Fantasy X-2: Cyberpunkish AU focusing on the Crimson Squad. Baralai, Nooj and Paine have all been brought up as Yevonites, with a natural distrust for the Al Bhed, but to fight Sin they're prepared -- along with all the other Crimson Squad applicants -- to become human weapons with the help of Al Bhed implants. Gippal will be their expert on all things Al Bhed, especially the implants they're going to get and have to learn to use.

7. Halo: The UNSC is fighting a failing war against the Covenant. Strongholds have been taken, hope is starting to fade. The only promising signs that the UNSC would ever would be able to stand against them are Halsey’s Spartans. Now, Cortana, Earth's first human-AI hybrid, has just been assigned to work with the Master Chief to try to stop the power that threatens to overtake the world and destroy those who will not follow them. Months pass, missions are accomplished...and together they, along with the rest of the Alpha Team, discover information about a mysterious Forerunner artifact called Halo. claimed!

8. Kingdom Hearts: Sora gets stuck in his head, and meets everyone that lives there on his way out. [Gen, some disturbing/creepy content.] claimed!

9. Kingdom Hearts: Backstory for Eraqus and Xehanort covering from Xehanort becoming an apprentice and their meeting, to the two of them training and becoming masters, and their inevitable parting after Eraqus is chosen as their master's successor. Leaves off several years before the events of birth by sleep, with Terra becoming Eraqus' apprentice. Mostly Eraqus+Xehanort, with some mild Eraqus x Xehanort.

10. Last Remnant: David/Rush primarily with lots of side pairings implied. Brothel AU: Rush Sykes comes to the big city on the trail of his missing sister, but he's alone and lost when he gets there. He stumbles into the first welcoming establishment he comes to, which turns out to be an upscale pleasure house run by the most gorgeous young man Rush has ever seen -- who invites him to spend the night, then offers to help him in his search. claimed!

11. Persona 3 PSP: Five years after the end of Persona 3 Portable, Shinjiro, Akihiko, and Mitsuru are still not over the main character. Strange things start happening, and in dreams, they find themselves back in Tartarus, climbing toward an unknown (but longed-for) goal. claimed!

12. Persona 3 PSP: On New Year's Eve, FeMC makes a choice that no one suspects. Aigis, who remembers everything that happened in the past year, has to live with it while watching her friends live the remainder of their lives with no such memories. Based on the bad ending of Persona 3. [Witnessing of death.] claimed!

13. Seiken Densetsu 3: This story is an alternate universe of Seiken Densetsu 3 where Hawk was placed one prison cell along; a prison cell without the crack in the wall. He asks Nikita not just to look after Jessica, but to get her out of the situation with the Navarre Thieves' Guild which is undoubtedly being taken over by someone without the Guild's best interests in mind. Nikita gets her out, and they begin to look for a way to break the curse of Jessica's necklace- only to find that the invasions currently taking place in the world or about to are in the way of the two of them being able to do anything about that.

Jessica's objective for the time being becomes the mitigation of the damage the Guild does to Rolante and itself, helping the Rolante resistance take back the castle. But Hawk appears to have joined Isabella, for reasons that are not immediately obvious, and Jessica sets out for the Navarre Sand Fortress with two goals in mind- to chase out Isabella and her crew, and to find out what in the world Hawk's deal is.

They finish up in the Valley of Flames, where Hawk's deal becomes apparent, as does the greater plot of Seiken Densetsu 3.

14. World of Warcraft: Sprink has always dreamed of joining the Kirin Tor, ever since she started training as a mage. Along her way, she proves herself to various Horde leaders, meets a sometimes un-orc-y orc, a businessman blood elf, and generally stumbles her way to Dalaran. claimed!

15. removed at writer's request

claiming is now open! Due to some requests, commenting will be screened initially so try to list at least two (ideally three!) fics you'll like to work with in order of preference! ...As well as an e-mail address so I can e-mail the fic and author information to you! ^^

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