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What is Hardmode?

[community profile] hardmode is a Big Bang for gaming fandoms, specifically video game fandoms.

For its first round, writers will write a fanfic that is at least 10k words long within three months (Unless they are truly hardcore and decide to shoot for 100k in a month. It's not expected however, don't worry!) Once finished, the rough draft will be given to an artist/fanmixer/interpretative dancer and they will have the option to create a piece to compliment the fanfic. :3

Do you have a schedule for this round?

Yes we do! And it's updated for 2011!

April 1st - June 3rd: Writer sign-ups open. Writing period begins.
June 3rd: Rough draft and summaries due.
June 4th - June 6th: Summaries posted for media creators to look over. Claiming opens on June 6th and will occur on a first-come, first-serve basis.
July 3rd - July 17th: Posting period.
July 18th: PARTY TIEM!!!

The challenge will end by July 18th. Allowances may be made for those who have issues come up that prevent posting by then. However, "I'm still not finished" is not an issue that I'll make an allowance for.

Are all video gaming fandoms included?

Of course they are! If you can interact with it on a console, handheld, phone or PC, then it is allowed. The only rule is that you can pull 10k words worth of fic from it. If Tetris inspires you to write like that, then Tetris is accepted.

As a note for writers of the Final Fantasy games, there's also a Final Fantasy Big Bang in the works. If the higher word count and fall-time schedule appeals to you, it's worth taking a look.

Will OC-based fic be allowed?

Yes they are! Many games may require the creation of an original character as the first step to playing the game, and others may give a blank slate type of character that allows the player to define the character through choices later on in the game. We'd have to rule out a great deal of fandoms if we said 'no' to this. ^^;


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