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Beneath the cut: the first line of every unfinished piece of fic in my drive dating back a year or less -- minus the ones that are pieces of anon exchange submissions currently in progress.

Maybe I can convince myself to go back and make more progress on some of these for [community profile] seasonofkink or something. I must have some squares that would fit some of these stories. Or [community profile] iddyiddybangbang!

this is a lot of unfinished fic, jeez )

You can totally watch my fandom spread shifting over time there. Some of these are probably abandoned for one reason or another (I still love the concept of troll Hisoka so much, but I don't have an actual idea for a plot) but hopefully I'll get some of them to see the light of day. :B

Nahahahaha, I didn't get distracted.

Jun. 24th, 2017 01:51 am
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To be fair, I didn't write any CODE for the database project, but I DID get a bunch of people's thoughts and feelings re: what the front end should be able to DO, which is honestly kiiiiinda important, since it's not going to just be for me.

But, have started! Have a fair idea of what barebones UI version 1 is going to look like, so I can start working on that... probably tomorrow? IDK, will depend on how I feel. I'm getting close to done with the basing for the comm I'm doing - I just have to shade the twenty million flowers (today I shaded the base and the foliage), add the lillies, and something something with the stars if no one gets back to me with a version that already has them fixed. (Likelihood... IDK, 50/50?)

Anyway, SUPER EXCITED to get that shit finished. It's going to look pretty damn great, but omfg it's taking foreeeeever. But will try and get it at least mostly done tomorrow, I really want to get these comms DONE. And if I have time and brain after that, then yes. More things. And stuff.

Slow day.

Jun. 23rd, 2017 01:54 am
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I mean, I did things, but I don't have much to show for it, hahaha.

Some dotpoints:

- cleaned bathroom. Noodle arms, after that.
- did washing, again. Why so many clothes dirty so fast??
- talked to Ez and have a solution a problem on the petsite (the problem is only a problem because I'm a silly, slightly obsessive person, hahahaha. Still, glad it's solved).
- did a bunch more organising shit on the petsite I really shouldn't've let a bunch of things slide for... months... orz FML.

Things I was going to do but didn't:
- start to set up a trello board for domestic tasks
- start on the database project frontend (ugh it's been more than six months already, self whyyyy)

So those two will be my first priorities for tomorrow. (I will probably get distracted by something, though, lbr. >>;;)

summer, drawings, books

Jun. 21st, 2017 01:08 pm
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kicking back (inspired by a vintage photos)

lunch napkin sketch 6/5/17 - bacon and eggs (by Horatio)

Several other small bits of (99%) original art. )

Last night I finished reading Marina Yurlova's autobiographical Cossack Girl, which I really enjoyed, but, wow, as if I hadn't already had the general impression that Russia was an absolute mess from sometime about 1917 on... Marina was very brave and adventurous and, in some cases, so, so lucky. I wonder where she went during her visit to Japan (to 'Sulphur Springs' - doesn't narrow it down much when you think about hot springs in Japan, right? ha ha ^^).

And a few days earlier I finished Jean Moorcroft Wilson's first biographical volume on Siegfried Sassoon, which I also enjoyed (although it was less of a...uh, wild, ride? seeing as I knew a lot more about Sassoon going in). I knew Sassoon was at home in England when WWI ended, but it was still oddly anti-climactic ending where it did ("Then what happened?!" I laughed, insistant). The local library system does not have her second volume on Sassoon, but I have other things to read at the moment, so I can let it wind its way slowly to me. XD;

I forgot how much I hate Photoshop.

Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:53 am
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I mean, I can wave off x amount due to not working in it frequently, but oh my fucking god why no keybindings, and no fucking transparent-as-active-colour and so many of the animation things are COMPLETELY COUNTER-INTUITIVE and -

Anyway, I made a Toothless icon! It's animated! It was a pain in the ass because photoshop, bluuuuuuh. I should really learn how to use the animation tools in CSP. >>;; (I really didn't think this icon was going to take more than two seconds for resizing and clipping off unneeded frames! But photoshop.) Anyway, I discovered last night I somehow didn't have EVEN ONE Toothless icon, so that has been fixed. Will possibly make more - I mean, I want to, but I might get distracted. Knowing me, the probability is high. >>;;

Other than my PS woes, I was actually pretty productive today! Made a double batch of brownies for Sunday (we're going to the zoo! for my birthday! finally!!), and worked a bunch on a comm. Redid the wing shading entirely, which is anoying, but!! It looks a lot better, A LOT. So that's okay. Learning experience! Have started lining the flower mane, it's going to take foreeeeever, but hey, at least it's started.
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and you can see that Jojo came to hang out beside me the evening that I finished up.

(blurry) comparison photo of the painting vs. the ad that inspired me )


Jun. 21st, 2017 02:00 am
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I dunno, something something.

Today: - got CSS done, Shaarli's all finished yay!
- still have to finish retagging the few things I have bookmarked in it (I came up with an actual schema), and then somehow... get through all of my bookmarks ever and add/trim dead links where appropriate
- that's going to take a while
- also I want to write a Javascript script for better tag management, but not now nope.
- went for a walk down the shops and got some vaguely-decent snacks for self
- no really there's fruit
- something something pokego something something

Rest of the day was pretty much reading fic, which is definitely the shaarli project's fault and not at all me not wanting to shade fairy wings. Nope. >>;;;;

Yet Moar about houses

Jun. 20th, 2017 09:24 am
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Ok! The house saga continues!!

In the last installment I was fed up with the runaround on the private sale by owner of the house we're currently in. So I contacted a realtor and we started looking around. TDLR - I'm writing a small novel wall of text about everything that happened this weekend. )
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+ almost always have some art to post!
- 'how do I decide which of these I'm going to post today?'

colored Diana!

Dhurke/Amara with Bay in mind~

Ema/Nahyuta with Measured in mind~

A photo of a chalk drawing collaboration out on the street with my mom, the b/w version of the Dhurke/Amara drawing above, etc. )
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Didn't end up going to blood bank - apparently Mama's not allowed to donate blood for four months, what even. That is a long time!

I got a bit done today, though. Some cleaning, and a little bit of art. (It would've been more but I pmuch cracked the shits because ARGH INSECT WINGS ARE HARD and yeaaah, I needed a break.) Not as much as I'd *like* to get done, but, well. SIGH. That's life.

I think tomorrow's goal should be to get the shaarli CSS 100% finished, though. Then I can start on the next project, damnit! >:

Quiet-ish day.

Jun. 19th, 2017 12:33 am
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Didn't do any art today, or any coding. Kinda disappointed at self.

I DID clean a bit, and went for a walk, but mostly I've just been browsing the internets, which is... well, it's fun, but it's not actually what I want to put my time into, sigh.

Tomorrow, probably going in with Mama to her bloodbank appointment and giving blood, and then IDEK, something something maybe?


Jun. 18th, 2017 02:29 am
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My head still feels like bluh, but I managed to do things today anyway!

Most importantly, I got through most of what's left of the Shaarli project! Yay! )

I also did a sketch for my next comm on my horribly overdue list of doom, and she likes it, so tomorrow's major task is to get that based, if possible. (Maybe also coloured, but probably not - there's a LOT of flowers on this, and they always take forever, given the amount of detail you need.)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up at a reasonable hour and also my head will be clearer! But it wouldn't surprise me if not, either.

(no subject)

Jun. 17th, 2017 08:51 am
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[community profile] press_start_comm is open for nominations! Trying to pick the fandoms I want to do -- so many of my fandoms are games, and so far it looks like none of them are in the tag set yet.

Are you playing? What do you plan to nominate?


Jun. 16th, 2017 11:30 am
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So, apparently we've had a lot of virus and hacking problems recently, and your response to that is to install security software that pops up and demands an explanation when people do things that might endanger the company servers.

Things like, for instance:
1) Opening a new tab in an internet browser (chrome, firefox, AND safari!)
2) The Google search engine library
3) Adobe Software AUTO UPDATES

ARE WE SEEING A PROBLEM HERE? MAYBE? *pries fingers off capslock* *banging head against desk* we've already complained to IT multiple times since yesterday, the order is apparently coming from higher than them, they're just forced to implement it. But OMG, jfc, either configure the gatekeeping software right or stop slapping it on without considering what it's going to interfere with! I am so fucking tired of this pop up window already.

*curls up in blankets*

Jun. 17th, 2017 12:20 am
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It's cooooold. Also I think I have some kinda headcold, got a headache and minor light sensitivity and my cheek-jaw-nose area feels Off. Also dizzy, but that's um. Not unusual.

Anyway, today Mama and I went for a walk. It was a long walk! I caught SO MANY POKEMON, it was amazing. :D But even though it was a really nice thing to do, it... took a while... Like, we were out of the house for a couple of hours (though we also had to pick up milk so not all of it was that).

So yeah, pmuch came back home and was one with the floor.

But, later got a little more brain and cleaned the bathroom and worked on a comm a bit! So that's something. :3

Going to bed now, though. Hopefully is will be feeling better inna morning.


Jun. 16th, 2017 10:13 am
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I'm probably going to hate myself for talking on tumblr, but fuck it.

(On a tangent to that, where it conflates with issues in fandom, the ageist shit is starting to really irk me. I am not magically some Entirely Different Species after some arbitrary age. I like the same stuff I did when I was thirty, and twenty, and yes, even sixteen. Being over 40 doesn't make me some stereotype to be feared, laughed at, mocked, etc - it makes me the same person I've always been with more life experience. GO FIGURE.)

I love robots tho

Jun. 15th, 2017 10:44 am
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Started playing Nier: Automata over the weekend and got the A ending last night. I'm super hype to start up again and go for the rest of the story, since it looks like a lot of the content is beyond the A ending. This game is so beautiful, both visually and aurally, and I'm grooving on the themes so hard.

And there was this one sidequest with an android scientist called Jackass, who wanted to collect combat data from watching us fight, and her dialogue after those fights was...well:
I needed to write it down )
SO THAT HAPPENED. talk about ficbait.

I love every robot in this bar.


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