Apr. 1st, 2011

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Writer sign ups will be closing June 3rd! Conveniently, that is also the duration of the writing period. If you want to wait until you've finished your piece to officially sign-up, you may do so...as long as you remember to comment by June 3rd.

Quick rundown on what is expected from writers:
  • You are committing to writing a 10,000 word fic. Not 100 individual drabbles, but one long 10k word fic. If you need to go over the minimum, that is fine too! But it must be complete and finished by the due date, whether the final word count is 10k or 100k. The rough draft should be finished by June 3rd; that is two months to write. Posting details will be put up before the posting period begins.

  • Your fic must be able to be understood on it's own. It's all right to write your fic as part of a series, but it must be able to be understood by those who haven't read anything previously.

  • The fandom has to be from a gaming fandom. If for whatever reason, you're unsure that your fandom 'counts', PM me with the fandom in question and we'll try to figure it out.

  • If you have any other questions, please ask in the FAQ and I'll try to answer them ASAP.

With that out of the way, fill this form out and comment to this post to sign up!:

Comments are screened and OpenID will be allowed. However, you will need a DW account when it comes time for posting. If you need an invite, include a request for it in the 'Anything else?' field and I'll send you a code.

Happy writing!

and no this was not copy-pasta'd from last year, why do you ask?
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We'll be keeping this informal since I doubt the majority of people are ready to commit right this second.

This is a completely optional post for writers to toss up their possible ideas for this round so potential media creators can hop in and help the process along. People can also cheer on ideas that they would love to read, even if they don't feel they'd be able to create anything for it at this time.

Writers, simply follow this format when posting so everything can look nice and neat:

Vague story idea:

Later on in the writing period there will be a post for media creator's to make 'early claims' if they commented to this post and the writer has officially signed up. That will be...much later on most likely and I'll try to include more details before then. We'll see how everything works out before we set any ideas in stone just yet.

Commence with the experiment mingling!


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