Mar. 26th, 2011

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Round Two of [community profile] hardmode will be starting next Friday, April 1st. The sign-ups will open then and writers will begin writing. The sign-ups will be open for the duration of the writing period (April 1st - June 3rd) so you won't need to commit until you're sure you'll be able to finish. The writing period should be far more relaxed for writers (and me!) this time.

If you haven't decided on what to write, you have a week to think it over! You may not be required to sign up until June 3rd at the latest, but it's still expected that you make use of the three month writing period.

Last round there were issues where some people waited until the last week to begin writing and that caused some issues later for betas and media creators. You will have a month of beta time, but your media creator will be working off your rough draft. However you schedule your writing time, make sure you leave yourself enough to time for pre-beta cleanup at the least so your media creator will have a something to work with. :3

If you have any questions, you may comment here or send me a PM.


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