Jan. 10th, 2011

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Here's a current possible schedule, adjusted to avoid overlap with some of the popular summer writing stuff. This is not yet set in stone. Let me know if this will or will not work for you. I'll try and adjust the schedule so the most people can participate.

April 1st - June 3rd: Writer sign-ups will be open. This should give you two whole months to work, plus a few days just in case.

June 3rd: Rough draft and summaries will be due by 11:59PM in whichever-timezone-the-sun-sets-on-last time. Effectively, the due date will probably be "Whenever [personal profile] vangirl wakes up the next day," but it'll be best if you assume that I'm an insomniac.

June 4th: Once all the rough drafts are in, a post of story summaries will be put up, with comments disabled. Those summaries will be up for about 24~ hours (unless 48 hours is better? thoughts?) so media creators will have the time to look at them and decide which one they want to do.

June 5th (or 6th?): Comments to summary post will be opened and media creators/beta readers will duel to the death comment with what they want. It'll be a bloody, gruesome battle first-come, first-serve type of thing.

July 3rd - 17th: Big Bangs should be betaed, artwork/FSTs/crocheted blankets should be completed and they all will be posted within this timeframe. The official due-date is on the 3rd, but if you need extra time for whatever reason then you have until the 17th.

July 18th: It's celebration time, come on!

Approval? Objections?

ALTERNATIVELY, [personal profile] solaris came up with awesome idea. At sign-ups, writers will post a summary of what they want to write for the challenge and potential media creators/betas/cheerleaders will contact the writer then and work together.

If people like this idea I can have a separate, optional post post where writers who wish to go that route can post their working ideas out in the open. Media creators who decide a writer to work with then will also be claiming the fic ahead of time. The summary posts will then work more like a pitch-hit post, where media creators will duel to the death try their luck at working on fics that didn't find a media creator in the sign-up process (or fics where the media creator suddenly abandoned them to go work on another fic that takes place in a Las Vegas drive-through chapel).

Yay or nay to this idea?


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